Resiliency & Building Confidence


How many times have you watched someone else go through a traumatic experience, like the loss of a limb or the loss of a child—terrible life events that happened without warning—and they seemingly came through it stronger than ever? That’s resiliency.


Have you ever listened to the news or read a story about someone who faced tragedy and turned it into an opportunity to become a better person? Another example of resiliency.


What thoughts went through your head as you considered what they must have gone through? Did you wonder how they could be so strong, so tough, so adaptable? Here are resources to help you become more resilient. 


Dinner Table Conversation

I ran into something the other day that captivated my imagination and I wanted to share it with you. How often have you found yourself at the dinner table with family or friends around you and there is awkward silence? How many times have you or your dinner companions...

Turning Point — a change for the better

I started reading a book this weekend that got me to thinking about turning points in my life.  This book is called Turning Points.  There are 25 inspiring stories from women entrepreneurs who have turned their careers and lives around after a significant turning...