When your own light grows dim,

look to others to spark the light within.

Divorce recovery is not for the faint of heart.


It’s about exploring new possibilities and finding new ways to cope with change.

It’s about RE-discovering, then honoring, who you are.

It’s about connecting with your values, creating a clear vision, making commitments to yourself and taking inspired actions.

It’s about learning how to create your new life so it is worth celebrating … moving you forward, one small step at a time.

For me, Mark Twain said it best:

Divorce recovery


Are you ready to take back your power?

Do you understand that you don’t have to do this alone?

Is it time for you to start walking that path to become the best version of yourself ever?

If the answer to those questions is YES, then I invite you to take the first step and request my free book, Even Successful Women Can Get Derailed When Life Happens. I’ll share a bit of my own story through divorce and let you in on my “secrets” so you can make better choices for yourself. Just click on the book title above to complete the request form and I’ll send you a copy right away.

I look forward to hearing from you.  

From my heart to yours …

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